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Choosing the right steel forging partner is an important decision to make. Making sure you find the right people to work with helps ensure your work is completed quickly, cost-effectively, and at the quality you desire. In this guide, we’ll consider what makes steel forging partners exceptional and how you can ensure you work with a great team.

Competitive prices 

A great forging firm can deliver your desired products at a competitive price. Keeping costs down shows that the forging company cares about providing a good service. It also demonstrates that the forge works efficiently, avoiding expensive delays and mistakes that could complicate your work. When considering different prices, remember that distance will play an important role: the further forged products must travel to get to you, the higher the final price.

Meets deadlines

The price of forged goods is not the only sign of good working practices at a potential partner. The ability of a forging company to meet the deadlines you set is another signal that they work effectively and value their partnership with you, avoiding delays that would set your work back. When delays do appear, good forging partners will let you know as soon as possible and help you figure out how a delay will affect your projects. You want to avoid companies that keep you in the dark about production issues until it’s too late to respond effectively.

Good communication

Great forging companies engage with their consumers as early as they possibly can. Good communication will have a positive effect on your work from the beginning. For instance, a forging company might make recommendations regarding optimal materials and changes to the forged part design that will save you time and money. At Greg Sewell Forgings, we know that effective communication provides optimal long-term results for customers. That is why we engage with our partners from the first stages of the partnership, discussing potential changes and providing documents to clients that help them understand our proposals and their effects. 

Helps customers innovate 

The best partners won’t just provide a service to you. They will also act as a source of information and expertise. Competitive forging companies track the latest developments in the industry and have the experience to spot potential improvements. It is a great sign when forging companies suggest different materials and production methods for your work. Whether it’s different types of metal fabrication or a new technique like upset forging, proactive suggestions are a clear sign of customer engagement and expertise.

Stocks raw materials

Keep your eyes out for companies that stock raw materials. It’s common for forges to order metals and other materials when they are needed for a project, slowing down the production process and creating delays. That’s why finding a forging partner with a good stock of raw materials is a great move.

Adequate outsourcing 

The forging process can be broken down into different steps. It can be efficient for companies to outsource particular parts of this process to specialists, saving money and drawing on the expertise of others. However, sometimes outsourcing can slow down production and increase costs. Ask potential forging partners why they outsource production steps, looking out for strong inter-firm partnerships which achieve better results.

Proper testing methods

Maintaining high-quality production and avoiding defects lies at the heart of a good forging company’s work. Without adequate testing, companies risk delivering products that lack the qualities needed to function effectively for a long time. The best forging companies will have an established process for testing and use different techniques such as FPI and Ultrasonic. Ask potential partners about their testing procedures, looking for companies with a diversified and comprehensive testing system, performed by reputable NATA (National Association of Testing Laboratories)-endorsed laboratories .

Reliable shipping 

Shipping might not be the first thing you consider when weighing up forging companies, but getting products to you on time is essential to remain on track with your project deadlines. Different companies have different systems: some forges opt for an in-house shipping service, while others partner with other businesses to get their products to you. A great forging company can provide assurances about their shipping process and the speed of delivery, whether they outsource shipping or keep it in-house.

A forging partner you can trust 

If you’re looking for an industry-leading forging partner, Greg Sewell Forgings is the choice for you. We’re one of Australia’s largest and oldest forging companies, giving us an unmatched depth and range of expertise that we employ working with different industries. We’re always happy to talk with potential new clients and discuss our services. 

Our capabilities cover the entire forging process, from custom metal fabrication and CNC machining to product inspection and design. Whatever your forging needs, we can help. Contact our team today and see how we can help you succeed!

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