Mill Liner Bolts

Mill Liner Bolts

Forged Mill Liner Bolts

Mill liner bolts are one of the most common components in the mining and mineral processing industry, and yet breakages are all too common – usually due to concentrated stress at the base of the pocket where the bolt head comes in contact with the liner pocket. 

This is usually caused by an incorrect load distribution combined with improper maintenance. These issues can be expensive to repair, and cause even more production losses due to shutdown durations of the mill. 

Relaxation on liners can be particularly high and because of the specific torquing requirements, the strength of the steel used as well as the casting method is crucial. Luckily, by forging these bolts GS Forging can increase wear resistance by making the grain structure more compact and ultimately decrease the amount of re-torquing that will need to be done.

Ball Mill Liner Bolts

Greg Sewell Forging designs and manufactures the highest quality SAG and Ball mill liner bolts, and by equally distributing the elongation load you can prolong the life of each bolt, reducing the amount they will need to be replaced. We recommend true oval type head bolts or “lune” type over the square oval type bolt head in order to reduce stresses in bolt hole corners. As liner bolts often break or loosen off, high-quality load distribution is pertinent and paired with the correct maintenance, our Mill liner bolts are the first step to a reliable and long-lasting mill.

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