Cage Bolts | Square Head Bolts | Plow Bolts

Long Hex Head Bolts

Cage Bolts:

Cage Bolts are used in caging brakes and involve inserting T headed bolts into the spring brake chamber in order to tighten it and stop it from releasing. Used in emergency situations like towing or repairing a problem with the brakes, the vehicle should not be operated while the cage bolt is inserted into the brakes as this bolt renders it in an ‘out of service’ condition.

Square Head Bolts:

Square bolts were the industry standard before hex bolts rose popularity. Today, square bolts are primarily used for aesthetics or to fasten older structures that have square head bolts already. They’re also very commonly used to give a rustic look to interior and exterior design, specifically in homes built with a vintage aesthetic in mind.

Square head bolts, sometimes also known as crossarm or machine bolts, are still extensively used in the construction of power lines. For the energy sector, GS Forgings is able to supply square head bolts to specific dimensions, hot-dip galvanized and in low-volume or high as needed.

Plow Bolt:

Plow Bolts are the preferred bolt where a flush, smooth face is required on a mechanical surface – rather than a traditional bolt that protrudes further from the surface and has perpendicular faces.

Where a traditional bolt is gripped at the head to prevent movement while fastening a nut, plow bolts have square necks that prevent the bolt turning during this process. This square neck, coupled with the flat, flush top face are why plow bolts are the fastener of choice for many agricultural, construction and mining applications. 

At Greg Sewell Forgings, we have extensive experience manufacturing plow bolts to suit a broad range of applications and specifications. Our forging and machining capabilities enable us to meet your exacting specifications with the highest quality of part available, and our flexibility means we can deliver exactly the quantity you need, when you need it.

Our expertise lies in custom developing these components using special materials and in-house technology and offering them at competitive prices.

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