Hook Bolts

long hook bolts greg sewell forgings

Hook bolts are fasteners used for load-bearing applications such as tie-down points cast-in to a concrete floor for permanent and temporary holds, or even simply to hang items from ceilings and walls. They can consist of a long or short bolt with a curved hook on the end like a question mark.

Obviously, because this differs from the eyebolt in that the bent curve of the tip of the application isn’t fastened back into itself, the importance of strong metal and the forging process is crucial to maintain the overall strength of the piece. Usually, the bolts have space so that things can be removed and refastened with ease.

Hook Bolt Uses:

Critical to structural builds, hook bolts ensure the load is evenly distributed between many bolts, massively reducing the stress on each bolt. In order to hold the bolt in place, there is usually a fastener inserted into the wall or ceiling to lock the hook in place.

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