We are a diverse forging company established in 1933 with a wealth of knowledge in engineered components. Greg Sewell Forgings is technology and engineering driven as well as a leader in metal forming; from nuts and bolts to complex, three dimensional products.

We have established ourselves as a preferred and trusted partner in forging. With our speciality team, we work closely with our customers to find the best, most cost effective solution for your products.

Quality, Performance and Delivery

Forged Eye Bolt

Eye Bolt – 80mm up to 7000mm

With accreditation from major construction companies and approval from Civil RMS Authorities, the emphasis at Greg Sewell Forgings is on Quality, Performance and Delivery.

This approach has made the company fully competitive for a wide range of components and meets all the functional, quality, delivery and cost requirements of an RMS partner/customer.

Greg Sewell Forgings is a Roads and Maritime partner in the refurbishment of Heritage Listed projects.

Technical background project specific requirements.

Bridgework bolts range from high strength to low carbon steel requiring:

  • Special document control
  • Testing & traceability
  • Product conformity
  • Material certification
  • Special packaging etc.
Forged Eye Bolts

Forged Eye Bolts


Axeman & Greg Sewell Forgings

An example of the Greg Sewell Forgings dedication to excellence and our highest quality strength, standards and testing as well as being, ‘Australian Made.’

We used our expertise, experience, factory capabilities, attention to details and passion with steel products to work with Axeman on their top quality, championship Australian Racing Axes.

Axeman Racing Axe

Our range of products include:

  • Fasteners
  • Fittings
  • Eyebolts
  • Eyenuts
  • Turnbuckles
  • Rigging equipment
  • Crane Hooks
  • Lifting & Towing Equipment
  • Insulator Pins
  • ‘U’ Bolts
  • ‘T’ Bolts
  • Clevis Bolts
  • Anchor Arms
  • Shafts
  • Square Head Bolts
  • Liner Bolts
  • Hubs
  • Forged Blanks
  • Tension Control Bolts
  • Concrete Anchor Bolts
  • Marquee Pegs
  • Axe heads
  • Pinions
  • Hand Forgings
  • Dog Spikes
  • Hook Bolts
  • Foundation Cages
  • Cage Bolts
  • Power Line Hardware
  • Special Flanged Nuts
  • Collard Studs
  • Special Washers
  • Special Nuts
  • Shackles
  • Cross Arm Brace
  • Shackle Straps
  • Thimble Eye Nuts
  • Anchor Rods
  • Tower Bolts
  • Fall Arrest
  • Castings

Our product manufacturing facility specialises in hammer forging and upsetting, fabrication, CNC machining, thread cutting and rolling.

Greg Sewell Forgings highly-skilled, experienced workforce specialises in product prototyping, development and fabrication.

We supply an extensive range of forged products to many of Australia’s leading companies across many industry sectors, from single-run low volume to high volume quantities at competitive prices.

For new and existing product enquiries, please call +61 3 8301 1500 to speak to one of our specialists, or contact us via email.


Quality Certificates

Quality Certification
AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008

Environmental Certification
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004

Introduction to forging

Forging is a manufacturing process in which metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure for form high-strength parts.

  • Forging produces the highest strength per unit weight of any metal forming technique
  • Forging supports high-volume manufacturing
  • It produces complex shapes from metal bars and plates
  • For many product applications, forging is the only available option
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