Steel Forged Components For Water Industry

High Strength Hex Bolts

High Strength Large Hex Bolts

This is an industry that Greg Sewell Forgings has been supplying for many years.

We manufacture items for dams, desalination plants, water treatment plants and for the concrete companies that support this industry.

We manufacture in mild steel, high tensile and all grades of stainless steel including duplex and super duplex.

Our specialty products include:

  • Collar studs
  • Stud bolts
  • Hex bolts
  • All thread studs
  • Machined bolts and studs

Water Industry Forgings

For water industry component enquiries, please call +61 3 8301 1500 to speak to one of our specialists, or contact us via email.

Collar Studs

Collar Studs

Collar Stud

Fully Threaded Machined Stud


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