Forged Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Eyebolts are thread-fastening rigging hardware used to secure rope, shackles, or cables to a structure. Used for hoisting, anchoring, and pulling, they come in a wide range depending on the specifications and application type. 

Uses Of Forged Eye Bolts:

Bent-rod eyebolts are formed by a length of bar bent to form a ring-shaped eye loop, which can fall short if securing an off-axis load. At GS Forgings our high-strength, forged eyebolts are close-die or upset hot-forged. This results in the strongest possible grain structure of the metal, ensuring the part is as dense and durable as it can be. 

Our eye bolts also consist of a supportive shoulder or skirt, which attaches the head and shank. This increases resistance to bending and makes our bolts capable of withstanding higher loads due to the increased tensile strengths.

Why Choose Greg Sewell Forgings For Forged Eye Bolts?

High-strength eyebolts can maintain support with a significant off-axis load, which can be important when lifting slings with multiple legs. The shank is attached to the shoulder or eye and is intended to be inserted into wet concrete or a drilled hole, then be fastened by a nut on the other side, providing a transfer of load and added security.

Stainless Steel Forged Eyebolts

Just some of the eyebolts we can manufacture includes:

  •   Pigtail eye bolts
  •   Swivel eyebolts
  •   Lifting eyebolts
  •   Anchor eyebolts
  •   Eye Screws
  •   Eye nut
  •   Roller eyebolt

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