Steel Forged Components For Power & Energy Industry

Power & Energy

Greg Sewell Forgings has been an accredited supplier to the Australian Energy sector for the past 20 years.

We supply cost-effective, forged components to power line, hydro and wind generation customers, through refinement of the material grain we achieve high-strength, resilient products.

Our experience has made us a reliable partner to the power and energy industry. Component reliability is a critical consideration when determining metal grades to be used.

Greg Sewell Forgings carries an extensive range of utility approved products for use in the electrical infrastructure network.

Pole Line Hardware

  • insulator pins to AS1154
  • forged eye bolts
  • anchor rods
  • thimble eye nuts
  • fabricated eye nuts
  • crossarm braces
  • shackle straps
  • square washers
  • fabricated hardware
  • cast fittings

Transmission Line Fittings

  • forged fittings to AS1154
  • tower bolts to AS1559
  • imperial tower bolts
  • step bolts
  • fall arrests
  • cast fittings

All of which are hot dip galvanised.

Our expertise lies in custom developing these components using special materials and in-house technology and offering them at competitive prices.

For power and energy enquiries, please call +61 3 8301 1500 to speak to one of our specialists, or contact us via email.