Forged Stainless Steel U Bolts

Hot Bending U Bolts

Stainless Steel Forged U Bolt

A Ubolt is a curved bolt that works as a fastening mechanism to hold piping across beams. With threaded arms that connect to a curved base, they are useful for a number of things from home improvement to automotive suspension and even bridges.

Ubolts can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the use, and at GS Forgings we can help you to find the best fitting shape made to the highest quality. Typically, the threaded section of the design is fitted with screws and washers. It may also include a crosspiece or a bar from one across the arms of the bolt, which makes it more stable and can support a heavier load.

It is important to consider the danger of galvanic corrosion which is the material combination that leads to a weakened piece. An example of this is when aluminium rubs against stainless steel it can pull the electrodes out of the aluminium piece which causes it to fall apart faster, risking the integrity of the piece.

Stainless Steel U Bolts

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