Pintle Hooks

Pintle Hooks


Primarily used in heavy-duty towing, the manufacturing of a strong pintle hook is critical to a safe towing operation. The pintle hook assembly consists of two parts, the hook and the pintle ring (or lunette). Incorrect manufacture with sloppy tolerances can lead to excessive noise and wear due to the slack in the part. Our manufacturing process is refined and carried out to exacting tolerances. This ensures that our pintle hook assemblies are tight fitting, to minimise undue slack and premature part wear. The pintle hook is also a safer solution to other forms of tow bearings as the pintle cant come off the lock pin. 

Adjustable Pintle Hooks

In order to take the strain off the line and reduce erosion due to friction, it’s important to have a forged hitch and ring to evenly support the tension and spread the load over each axle. Our adjustable pintle hooks are useful where a wider range of motion is needed between the vehicle and the hitch, such as towing on rough terrain, uneven roads, and sharp angles. A forged hook means we confer each project specifications with our in-house engineering team to undertake all measurements and ensure that we produce the highest-quality metal mechanisms. With hairline precision to get the closest compatibility without the risk of friction for optimum results, our forged hooks allow for a higher towing capacity than a ball coupler or pintle hooks that are cast. 

Pintle Hooks Australia

Our expertise lies in custom developing these components using special materials and in-house technology and offering them at competitive prices.

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