Forged Eye Nuts

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Eye nuts are used as anchorage points for securing chains, hooks, or rope to a surface. Fastened with a looped head and attached to a securing eye, the eye nut is perfect for supporting cables of any material firmly to a structure. With a circle-shaped hole through which the cables are threaded, it is used to provide a safe axis point for the base of your operations.

Typically made from stainless steel, eye nuts differ from eyebolts mainly from their use of anchorage, although both perform the same function. Where an eyebolt has a threaded section at the bottom to attach directly into a structure, eye nuts feature a hole to be screwed onto structures with their own screw-heads.

Stainless Steel Forged Eye Nut

Greg Sewell Forgings can manufacture the perfect forged eye nut to minimize abrasions and wear that is common to heavy-duty lifting operations. As the design of the eye nut is a ring, the design, material, and manufacturing process is important to maintaining the integrity of the fastening. With GS Forging you can rely on the forging process, which allows the granular structure to be more dense and retain its strength.

Our expertise lies in custom developing these components using special materials and in-house technology and offering them at competitive prices.

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